A Knights Tale

Heath Ledger plays a peasant squire who achieves his dream of knighthood by taking over his dead master’s identity and competing in jousting tournaments. This is not a serious historical film. Instead, writer-director Brian Helgeland inserts modern elements such as rock music, brand logos and a hair extension wearing, fashion model dressing princess into a medieval setting. It’s all in good fun and worth a few laughs.

The cast, which also includes Mark Addy (The Full Monty), Rufus Sewell, and Paul Bettany mesh well together. Bettany, a relative newcomer to ther big screen, plays the gambling addicted writer and spruiker Geoffrey Chaucer as a calmer version of Rik Mayall. Ledger surfer locks bely his powerful voice and acting ability, while Sewell is the standard medieval baddy.

All in all, A Knight’s Tale was a good afternoon’s entertainment.

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