A doggy deposit

We are bad. Bad, bad, bad. We were in Westfield Hurstville today and walked past the Pets Paradise. We always visit the pet shops, wherever we go, to admire the dogs. We saw an eight week old brown Finnish Lapphund /Japanese Spitz cross and just couldn't stop ourselves from putting down a deposit. He's tiny, fluffy, brown haired and blue eyed and quite beautiful. Okay, we admit it's the wrong way to buy a dog, but I can't feel too bad about it. We've wanted a dog for ages and I was strongly considering a Japanese Spitz based upon their behavioural characteristics. The Lapphund side should only improve the breed.

Now the problem (apart from dog proofing the backyard) is what to name him? I've been using Finnish and Japanese online dictionaries to search for appropriate names. 

We pick him up on Thursday night and then start picking up his deposits afterwards! 

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